Getting there

Toruń does not have an airport, however is easily accessible from airports in Poznań or Bydgoszcz, and fairly easily from Gdańsk or Warsaw. WizzAirRyanAir, EasyJet fly to those airports from most of major cities in the UK and Europe on daily basis. The cheapest fares will be available 6-8 weeks before departure. A return ticket should cost £40-80. Toruń is accessible from those cities by train or coach. One way train tickets should cost less than £10, no need for early booking, coach tickets when early booked may cost from £2 to £10. For timetables and booking of trains check PKP rails (tickets may be also bought on the spot), for coaches check PolskiBus (internet booking is necessary).

A number of coach companies, including PolskiBus, LuxExpress, Ecolines and others run coach connections between Poland’s major cities (including Toruń) and major cities in adjacent countries.

Unfortunately, non-Polish students are not eligible for student discounts, and have to pay full fare for both  trains and coaches in Poland. Polish railways run few types of trains: cheapest REGIO trains, faster and more expensive TLK and INTERCITY or IC, and posh EXPRESS INTERCITY or EUROCITY. All but REGIO have first and second class and require seat reservation. Type of train will be indicated on the timetable, and for trains other than REGIO it’s necessary to buy a ticket for a specific train, since your ticket will be booked for a specific seat. With any issues feel free to contact us.

Traveling from Poznań airport.

City buses (lines L or 59) to the main city railway (dworzec kolejowy) and coach stations (dworzec autobusowy), called Poznań Główny, will depart from outside the arrivals terminal every 20 minutes during the day or every hour through the night (around 11pm-5am). Bus timetables and maps can be checked here. City bus tickets can be bought in a ticket machine just outside the arrivals terminal. For city buses, student discount is not available for foreign students.

Trains Poznań-Toruń will depart every 1-1.5 hour. The train trip should take less than 2 hours. PolskiBus coaches will depart to Toruń a few times a day.

Traveling from Bydgoszcz airport.

The bus stop is located on the right side of the terminal building. The line 80 bus operates every day, every 30 minutes (4am till midnight), from the main city railway station (dworzec kolejowy), called Bydgoszcz Główna, to the airport and back. Travel time to city centre takes about 15 minutes. Bus timetables and maps can be checked here.

Trains Bydgoszcz-Toruń will depart once or twice an hour. The train trip should take less than an hour.

Traveling from Gdańsk airport.

Gdańsk airport is connected with the city by a bus and city railway (called SKM). Timetables and maps can be checked here.

SKM trains run between Gdansk-Wrzeszcz train station and Gdańsk Airport. Some of the courses go to the Gdansk-Osowa and Gdynia. SKMs operate every 15 minutes during the day. In the morning and in the night there are courses matched to the morning and night flights. Tickets are available in ticket machine placed on the east side of the new airport terminal.

City bus 210 connects the airport with Gdańsk main railway station, called Gdańsk Główny, every 30 minutes during the day. Bus N3 operates on the route during the night, once an hour.

Direct trains Gdańsk-Toruń will depart only a couple times a day but connections with a change are available (hint: it’s cheaper not to mix different types of trains, see above, e.g. change IC to IC not to REGIO). The direct train trip should take about 2.5h. PolskiBus coaches will depart to Toruń a few times a day

Traveling from Warsaw airport.

Warsaw has two airports, Warsaw Okęcie Chopin airport and Warsaw Modlin airport. Timetables and maps can be checked here. Trains Warszawa Centralna-Toruń will depart once every other hour. The train trip should take less than 3 hours. PolskiBus coaches will depart to Toruń a few times a day. A direct coach connection between Warsaw Modlin Airport and Toruń is also available: OKbus. You may book your ticket online or buy it in the coach, but in the latter case there may be no tickets left if many people will travel.

CHOPIN AIRPORT is connected to Warsaw main railway station (Warszawa Centralna) by taxi, bus, or train. The way of getting to each means of transport is well-marked by signs as well as by the coloured lines on the floor of the arrival hall. The tickets can be bought from a ticket machine (in the vicinity of railway and bus station), in the newsstand at the arrival hall or in most of the trains and in some buses. The same ticket is valid for both means of transport. You should buy the ticket for the 75-minutes journey and for adults (students card is invalid for single-fare transfer tickets) – 4.40zł at this moment. Remember to validate your ticket after getting in the vehicle.

TAXI: You can find taxis in front the terminal (the fare: about 40zł). Warning: Use only the taxi from selected companies (Ele Taxi, Sawa Taxi, Super Taxi) as there are also random “taxi” drivers which offer customers their services. However their fees could be even five times higher!

BUS: There is a bus station in front of the arrival hall (just one lane from the exit). Use the line 175 or N32 (night bus). Get off at Dworzec Centralny stop (Central Railway Station)

TRAIN (so-called SKM): To get to the underground Warsaw Chopin Airport railway station you do not have to leave the building. Reaching arrival hall just follow the signs. You can use the line S3 or S2. Only the S3 SKM train reaches the main railway station (Warszawa Centralna). Using the S2 SKM train you should get off at the Warszawa Śródmieście station and then take a few minutes’ walk to the railway station; or at the Warszawa Zachodnia/Warsaw West station, where you can find one of the minor Warsaw railway stations. Use the latter only if you made sure that your train to Toruń stops at this station.

MODLIN AIRPORT is located much farther than Chopin Airport, about 40km from Warsaw. Information on getting from a Modlin airport are available here.

TAXI: Use the taxi from licensed companies (Sawa Taxi or Modlin Taxi) as there are also random “taxi” drivers which offer customers their service. However, their fees could be even five times higher! The fare is pretty high, 100-200zł.

TRAIN: There is a shuttle bus from the airport to Modlin Railway station. The bus’ timetable is connected with the train schedule. You will have 5 minutes to change. From Modlin Railway station you can take the Koleje Mazowieckie (just the name of the railway company) KM 9 train which departs every hour. The tickets (for the whole journey) are sold in the airport hall – fare: about 20zł. Get off at Dworzec Centralny station (Central Railway Station).

Pay attention when arriving at night as there may be a problem to find the bus to Modlin railway station or the KM9 may not stop at the Warsaw Central Station.

BUS: Modlinbus operates between Warsaw city centre (near the Pałac Kultury, a few minutes walk from the main railway station) and Modlin airport. which is a few minutes by foot from the Railway Central Station. You can buy a ticket at the airport, in the bus or online. Fare is 33zł, and could be cheaper if booked online.